Air filtration improves human health and 

increases productivity

cartuccia depolverazione per cementifici

    Our range of products includes

  • filter elements for dedusting and fumes

  • cartridges for high temperature

  • filter bags and slevees

  • filter elements for cleaning machines

  • filter elements for food and pharmaceutical

  • filter for oil mist, EPA-HEPA, and activated carbon

  • filters for gas turbine

  • accessories for filtration

CEAN offers specific products for each application, in order to obtain the best efficiency combined with the lowest pressure drop

Our products are used in industrial applications to improve the air quality of the workplace, to reduce the emissions of contaminants into the atmosphere.

Filtering devices are used in machines for domestic and industrial cleaning, pneumatic transport, process filtration, the abatement of odors and other agents harmful to health.

For food applications, we manufacture cartridges and panels with stainless steel flanges, filter materials with FDA certification.

In the energy sector, our products are used in the filtration and soundproofing systems of gas turbines.

The air filters can be made with cellulose or synthetic filter materials with treatments in nanofiber, PTFE membrane, antistatic, water repellent, fireproof, antibacterial efficiency certified by the IFA-BGIA.

For the treatment and ventilation of the air, filter products are used according to the ISO16890 standards, which replace the previous EN779 standard.

The devices for clean rooms, ventilation, aspirators and moleolar filtration are tested according to the EN1822 standard.

Filters for dust, fumes, mists, odors and contaminants in the air

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