Filtration of liquids and gases for domestic

and industrial applications

   Products for the filtration of liquids and gases

  • cartridges and containers for water filtration

  • filters for chemical and galvanic plants

  • filter bags for technical uses

  • cooling filter elements in the energy sector

  • filter elements for food and pharmaceuticals

  • absolute filters for microfiltering

  • cartridges for biogas and coalescence

  • EDM filters

CEAN manufactures liquid and gas filtration systems for many types of use.

In the food and pharmaceutical fields, our microfiltration products avoid the risk of contamination of production processes by microorganisms.

In gas extraction and transport processes, we make filters capable of retaining impurities that can cause scaling and corrosion along the distribution lines.

In industry, filter solutions are used for numerous applications: in chemical processes, in the production of paints, for the cooling of energy production units, in waste recycling processes, in the automotive sector, in the textile industry.

Our filtration systems are designed on the basis of the specific needs of each customer, and are used in the filtration of solvents and dyes, in the protection of heat exchangers, in refrigeration systems.

In addition to industrial processes, our products are used in domestic systems, for filtration and water treatment.

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