Customized solutions for filtration and treatment for industrial and living application

CEAN = Quality and Customization

For more than 40 years, we have believed that filtration is important for the health of the environment and people.

Our experience has matured over the years in many sectors and allows us to offer a wide range of solutions for dedusting, turbomachinery applications, process filtration, water purification, and air treatment.

Technology is important to be at the forefront; the constant search for the quality of our products has guided the company towards continuous investment in production processes and the use of robotic systems.

In the internal laboratory, filter materials and finished products are tested, to ensure compliance with emissions, and the mechanical resistance of the various components. Our equipment allows you to check the permeability and test the efficiency of our products according to the ISO16890 and EN 1822 standards.

Powtech, filter elements for dedusting

CEAN works to protect the environment, people, productivity

cartucce filtranti per la depolverazione industriale in poliestere, cellulosa, nanofibra,  in ptfe
cartucce filtranti in classe L-M-H